For over 50 years, the quality of Nutella® is based on the choices we make in every step of production.

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Our commitment for sustainability

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The sugar

in Nutella®

Our sugar is mainly sourced from sugar beets grown in Europe, but also from sugar cane grown mainly in Brazil, Mexico, India and Australia.

The palm oil

in Nutella®

An excellent quality vegetable oil, sustainable and traceable, that comes from pressed fresh fruits.

The hazelnuts

in Nutella®

Whole hazelnuts, roasted at the very last moment to retain all their flavour inside our recipe.

The milk

in Nutella®

A quality milk carefully selected from trusted suppliers.

The cocoa

in Nutella®

We use our unique know-how to prepare the cocoa beans blend that we roast and process in our plants.

The lecithin

in Nutella®

A natural emulsifier 100% GMO-free, extracted from soy beans or sunflower seeds. 

The vanillin

in Nutella®

An aroma identical to the one naturally present in vanilla pods.

Our commitment to sustainability
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What type of sugar do you use in Nutella® ?

The sugar types we purchase globally can be roughly classified as follows: 75 % beet sugar and 25 % refined cane sugar. 

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